Who we are
We are passionate solution seekers and trusted aides who work to meet deadlines. We treasure relationships that we build with the clients. We always look forward to be there by your side, anytime and anywhere.
Vision: We will be the global leader in knowledge industry.
Mission: To achieve goals and objectives by earning respect through hard work, honesty and integrity.
Values: The values that will always drive us to attain global leadership are as follows:
We Never Say Die
We are determined to find solutions and surpass client expectations always and every time.
We have an indomitable spirit to implement creative and innovative ideas.
We never cease to put in extra efforts to meet difficult deadlines.
We act with honesty and integrity
We never hide anything and are open about everything.
Honesty is always rewarded.
We abide and support our moral ethics.
We are willing learners
We are always eager to learn and improve our skills.
We admit to mistakes and learn from them.
We always value the feedback from the clients.
We celebrate success
We work passionately to achieve success.
We reward hard work which is the key to success.
We work as a team and we celebrate success together as a team.
Project in Zambia
We managed US $2.3 million project of laying Optical Fibre cable and setting up antennas on Mobile Telephone towers in Malawi and Zambia.

Projects with Siemens
We undertook RAMS analysis of BHS system designed by Siemens for their projects in India and Thailand.

Software Audit
We have conducted manual testing and auditing of the software. Common problems and software failures encountered in e-governance projects.