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Geometric Dimensionin and Tolerance (GD&T)Analysis
According to the ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard, the purpose of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is to describe the geometric requirements for part and assembly geometry. Proper application of GD&T will ensure that the allowable part and assembly geometry defined on the drawing leads to parts that have the desired form and fit (within limits) and function as intended.
We offer a variety of Consulting Services which may be coordinated with our Training Courses. Our GD&T Consulting is a great follow-up to our GD&T Training, our Tolerance Analysis Consulting is a great follow-up to our Tolerance Analysis Training, and our Dimensioning and Tolerancing Services augment any of our Courses.
Our Consulting Services are the best way to target your specific needs, as we work closely with your staff to find out exactly what you need. We can help you to solve specific problems, or we can help you to develop standardized procedures and implement systems to improve how you do business. Whether its our GD&T Consulting Services, our Tolerance Analysis Consulting Services or our Dimensioning and Tolerancing Services, we can help you.
With our long and short term Mentoring Services, we work onsite with your staff, developing long-lasting in-house expertise. One of our experts can join your staff, immediately raising your capabilities to world-class status. We train and work with your staff over time, focusing on the challenges of your products and your designs. By letting us work side-by-side with your staff through one or more projects, the principles learned in coursework will be cemented into long-lasting, concrete skills applied to your specific problems. This method has a proven track record - we have mentored the staff of many firms with great success.
Our GD&T Consulting Services, Tolerance Analysis Consulting Services and our Dimensioning and Tolerancing Services are an excellent follow-up to training, whether we teach the courses or not. It is absolutely the best way (in fact, it is likely the only way) to ensure that the material learned in week-long or shorter training courses becomes integrated into your design, manufacturing, inspection and assembly processes.
Our Consulting Services include a wide variety of services, including:-
  • GD&T Consulting
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing Services
  • Tolerance Analysis Consulting
  • Onsite or offsite drawing and design review and checking
  • Working with your staff to solve specific problems
  • Analysis and improvement of your Dimensioning and Tolerancing Schemes
  • Verification of GD&T application
  • Development of Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing Schemes
  • Performing Tolerance Analysis and Tolerance Stackups on your parts and assemblies
  • Oversight of your Tolerance Stackup and Tolerance Analysis efforts
  • Coordinating aspects of your Dimensional Management efforts
  • CAD and Drawing Standards Development
Project in Zambia
We managed US $2.3 million project of laying Optical Fibre cable and setting up antennas on Mobile Telephone towers in Malawi and Zambia.

Projects with Siemens
We undertook RAMS analysis of BHS system designed by Siemens for their projects in India and Thailand.

Software Audit
We have conducted manual testing and auditing of the software. Common problems and software failures encountered in e-governance projects.